Change Log

This document records the main changes to the tree code.

3.0.8 (unreleased)

3.0.7 (2020-03-05)

  • Added method get_release_from_config to convert a given tree config_name into its release name.

  • Added a new release attribute, accessible on a Tree instance.

  • Fixing the mangarss path template with proper “wave” keyword arg, similar to mangacube

  • Adding new tree config for MaNGA release MPL-11

3.0.6 (2020-11-11)

  • Added dr17 release config

  • Added tree_version to bin, expected by some old/existing IDL product tags

  • Updated the path syntax for special functions to “@[function_name]|” to resolve issues with inclusion next to other characters

  • Added new sdss5 paths for apogee

  • Changed sdss5 paths for apogee from sdss4 to handle healpix grouping and simplified kwargs with special functions

  • Updating the code to write out old sdss_paths.ini file.

  • Added preserve_envvars options to replant_tree to preserve users original environment variables

3.0.5 (2020-07-17)

  • Added MaNGA MPL-10 release config

  • Added new paths for DR16+; VACs for APOGEE_JOKER

3.0.4 (2020-06-04)

  • Added phase property to python tree. Tracks phase of current ‘sdsswork’ environment.

  • Modified module setup to create “default” symlink for lua modules

  • Added write_old_paths_inifile method to generate a version of the old sdss_paths.ini file

  • Adding new paths for DR16+; VACs for EBOSS_LSS, ATLAS, SPECTRO_LENSING, BOSS_QSO

3.0.3 (2020-05-29)

  • Removed specific version requirement 1.0.0 for sdss_access in module setup

3.0.2 (2020-05-21)

  • Added correct path for DR9 PHOTOSWEEPS

  • Corrected APOGEE_ASTRONN path in DR16

  • Added BCAM_DATA_2S to DR16

3.0.1 (2020-05-21)

  • Added prereqs to tree module files for sdss_access/1.0.0 and sdsstools/0.1.7

3.0.0 (2020-05-07)

  • Major changes to environment configuration files

  • Incompatible with 2.x versions

  • Implements versioning of DR config files and sdss_access paths

  • Each config file now inherits from another config file using base keyword.

  • Each DR config now only contains new or modified definitions for that DR.

  • New configs for internal releases can now be created, e.g. mpl9.cfg.

  • Explicit case is recognized for environment names and tree ini sections

  • Deprecated and Removed sdss_paths.ini file

  • New PATHS ini section in environment config files defines sdss_access paths

  • Symbol for “special function” path definition has changed from % to @

  • Refactored compute_changelog function to return dictionary and compute PATHS differences

  • Added changelog compute functions compute_environment_changes, and compute_path_changes.

  • Added changelog print functions print_environment, and print_paths.

  • Moved tests out of tree python package to top level.

  • Deprecated included logger and config in favor of sdsstools logger and config.

  • Simplified python package setup.cfg and consolidated requirements files

2.15.10 (2020-04-13)


  • new function compute_changelog to print difference between two tree environments

  • new sphinx documentation on all DR tree environments and environment changes between DRs


  • added wave keyword to mangacube/rss paths to handle LOG/LIN switch

  • updated Tree python code to handle new cfg inheritance and versioning

2.15.9 (2020-03-16)


  • standardized case output for get_available_releases method. Added public only option.

2.15.8 (2020-03-15)


  • new method list_available_configs that lists the available config files to load with Tree

  • new method get_available_releases that builds a list of data releases from the config files


  • Issue #11 - silence and no input when multiple module paths found

2.15.7 (2019-12-06)


  • new path definitions for MaNGA VAC Visual Morphology

  • new path definition for MaNGA VAC Galaxy Zoo

  • new path definitions for MaNGA VAC Firefly

  • new path definitions for MaNGA VAC GEMA

  • new documentation for adding new paths into sdss_paths.ini

  • config file for DR16


  • Issue #10 - bug fix in

2.15.6 (2019-07-26)


  • Modified data/cfg structure to handle versioning of envvar and path definitions
    • data cfg files now inherit from one another

    • deprecated sdss_paths.ini file and moved into new PATHS section in individual cfg files


  • new temporary path for manga images for releases MPL-8 and up

  • new method show_forest to display the environment for configs not currently loaded

  • new method list_configs to show all available configs for loading

  • new tests for setting up the tree; creating and copying module/bash files and env symlinks

  • added the option for env symlink creation into the bin file

  • added option to specify default config to write into .version file


  • replaced non-existent %designdir special function with %definitiondir

  • changed yaml loaded to use yaml.FullLoader in compliance with pyyaml 5.1

  • switching disutils.StrictVersion to more standard parse_version


  • Broken syntax on apogee in paths.ini file

  • Broken syntax in some platelist definitions

  • Broken etc/Makefile after implementation of new

  • Bugfix on when empty tree directory first entry in MODULEPATH

2.15.5 (2018-09-06)


  • Refactored bin/setup_tree to install module files

2.15.4 (2018-07-09)


  • Wrapped config file opens in with to ensure proper file closure


  • Bug when config=None is explicitly passed into Tree

2.15.3 (2017-12-02)


  • method to list_keys

  • ability to load different config files

  • ability to load a new section of the tree in an existing environment

  • new documentation

  • new sphinx plugin to auto document the tree config


  • Moved camelCase methods to underscore methods

2.15.2 (2017-11-29)


  • Synced a bunch of new config changes from svn that were forgotten.

2.15.1 (2017-11-29)


  • Added Tree import in init for easier imports from top level

2.15.0 (2017-11-29)


  • Fixed setup to include data files

  • Updated versioning to sync with svn tags

0.1.0 (2017-11-29)


  • Created new tree python product using the cookiecutter template

  • A python form of Tree to load SDSS environments