setup_tree command-line tool

Create bash, tsch, and module environment configuration files defining relevant variables for accessing data products on the SDSS Science Archive Server (SAS)

usage: [-h] [-v] [-r SAS_BASE_DIR] [-t TREE_DIR]
                     [-m MODULES_DIR] [-e] [-i] [-o [xxx].cfg] [-d DEFAULT]
                     [-p PATH]

Named Arguments

-v, --verbose

Print extra information.

-r, --root

Override the environment variable $SAS_BASE_DIR.

-t, --treedir

Override the environment variable $TREE_DIR.

-m, --modulesdir

Your modules directory. Defaults to $MODULES_DIR

-e, --env

Create tree environment symlinks.

-i, --mirror

Use the mirror site (SAM) instead.

-o, --only

create links for only the specified tree config.

-d, --default

Default config version to write into the .version file. Defaults to “sdsswork”

-p, --path

Custom output path to copy environment files